Osaka Prefecture

The Plum Blossoms of Kozen Koen in Sakai, Osaka

As the cold of winter finally starts to abate, one flower in particular serves as the herald of spring; the plum blossom, or ume. It is likely that the first ume trees (and probably sakura too) came to Japan from China, where they were adored by the Chinese aristocracy

Getting to Kozen Koen

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Kozen Koen is one of the best places in Osaka to see ume with roughly 1,400 ume blooming every year. It’s a great place to go for an afternoon, especially a picnic. To get there take a bus from Sakai Higashi Station, which you can get to by riding the Nankai Koya line. If you prefer the JR lines, take the JR Hanwa line, then get off at Tsukuno Station, and take the bus from there. Regardless of which station you arrive at, get on a bus bound for Izumigaoka[泉ヶ丘駅], and get off the Miyayamadai ni-chou[美山台二丁] stop, the park is right across the street from the bus stop.


Kozen Koen 


Park sign


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