Shirokita Park Iris Garden

You might think that there are few parks in Osaka, especially in the city center. But this isn’t true! Just a short 15-minute bus ride from Umeda will get you to Shirokita Park. Built about 50 years ago, this park has as many as 25 different breeds of irises, totaling 1,300 flowers in all! This cozy little park is certainly a local favorite and is definitely one of the best iris parks in the Kansai Region.

Shirokita Park

Shirokita Park is only 15 minutes away from Umeda Station. It is surprising that there is an iris garden near the city center. The iris garden is in the corner of the park. 

You have to pay entrance fee to enter this park though it is just 200 yen.

Entrance to Shirokita Park: It is a few minutes walk from the bus stop.

Once inside you will see scores of beautiful gardens of irises!

As irises are hard to take care of, there are not so many iris parks, but Shirokita Park Iris garden is definitely one of the best iris gardens in Osaka.

Most people enjoy bringing a light lunch to eat while looking at the flowers. There was also a food stand when that sold some snacks like mochi, ice cream and beer (because why not). Shirokita Park is not very big, but it is certainly relaxing. During peak season lots of people come to the park, not to mention it can be very hot in June.

There are various colors of irises!
White iris. Hmmm, I like the purple one most!
Maybe it’s kind of hanami

By the way, Japanese iris are classified into ayame, kakitsubata, and hanashobu.

Ayame and kakitsubata typically bloom in May, while hanashobu bloom in early June. Also, if the inner part of the petal is yellow, it is either hanashobu or ayame, while kakitsubata is white. 

FYI, most of the irises here are hanashobu, so early June is probably going to be the best time to go.

The purple one is the best!
See the inner part of the petal is yellow

If you have time you might even want to consider coming to the park a little early and bring a small breakfast before setting out on the rest of your day. In any case, Shirokita Park is a nice little reprieve from the surrounding busyness of the city and it is certainly worth dropping by.

Information: Shirokita Park Iris Garden 


Ikue 3-20, Asahi-ku, Osaka





Getting to 

Shirokita Park is only 15 minutes away from Osaka Station. Take a city bus bound for Moriguchi Shako-mae (No 34) at the station, and get off at Shirokita Koen. 



※Iris Garden is open from the early June


200 yen




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