Osaka’s Retro Cafe, Marufuku Coffee

One of Osaka’s best kept secrets is just a short five minute walk from Namba Station. In the midst of the busy hustle and bustle of Sennichi-mae Street is Marufuku Coffee. This kissaten, an old-fashioned cafe, has been an oasis from Osaka’s chaotic city life since the 1930’s. Marufuku Coffee is beloved by many Osakans and is definitely one of our top recommendations.

About Marufuku Coffee

Bringing Coffee To Osaka

According to their website, Marufuku’s founder Mr. Ibuki, was fascinated by Tokyo’s Ginza district. During the 30’s, Ginza was the leader in trends from American and Europe, which included coffee. Fascinated by cafe culture, Mr. Ibuki decided to help bring coffee to Osaka. Drinking coffee was not common at that time, so he studied very hard to perfect his techniques. In his pursuit, he amassed a collect of coffee making equipment.
The first Marufuku Coffee opened in Shinsekai, near Tsutenkaku, but eventually relocated to its current location on Sennichi-mae Street. Before long, Marufuku’s became a hit and there are many branches throughout Osaka and even Tokyo.

The Sennichi-mae shop has been a favorite spot by many authors and celebrities in Osaka. A known regular of Marufuku was the post-war jazz singer and actress, Kasagi Shizuko aka “Queen of the Boogie-Woogie”. Shofukutei Shokaku, one the best Raikugo comedians, was also said to frequent this cafe. 

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Getting to Marufuku Coffee

Getting to the Sennichi-mae Marufuku Coffee is really straightforward. It is on the Dotonbori side of Sennichi-mae, and the two closest stations are Nankai Namba and Kintentsu-Nipponbashi.

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Marufuku Coffee

Store front of Marufuku Coffee
Marufuku Coffee, store front.

Naturally, the cafe is little bit dim, but it really adds to the ambiance and compliments the furniture and dark wood finishes. One of the really interesting features of the cafe is Mr. Ibuki’s coffee tools collection. The case on the right-hand side just as you enter the cafe displays part of his collection of tools from the world.

Like other kissaten, Marufuku is very particular about its coffee. In fact, they still use the original percolator as well as a few of secret techniques Mr. Ibuki invented to create the perfect cup of coffee. Their signature coffee has a dark thick flavor that hasn’t changed since the cafe first opened. They are also famous for their sweets.

sweet set of rusks a doughnut and flan with a cup of coffee
Classic Sweets Set.

As you are sipping on your drink, take some time to appreciate the china. The cups and saucers are from Okuratoen, one of the best and most expensive western dish company in Japan.

Once, we stopped by during Halloween and ordered their special Halloween set. Somehow I doubt the Halloween serving dish was from Okuratoen, but I got to keep it, so I was pretty happy.

Halloween special kabocha cake set in Halloween dish with coffee
Halloween Special Set.

Marufuku Coffee

Address1-9-1 Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, 542-0074
Hours of OperationSun-Sat 8:00-23:00
Price Range600 yen+

Marufuku’s is a great little retreat. I can honestly see why this cosy spot has been a favorite of both locals and artists for nearly 80 years! Honestly, I only have positive things to say, so go check it out for yourself.

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