Abeno Harukas, the Tallest Building in Japan

Standing at 333 meters high, Tokyo Tower and the much later addition of Sky Tree (634 m) are icons of the city’s skyline. Osaka also boasts some impressively tall skyscrapers! While Tsutenkaku (100 m) is the oldest and perhaps most endeared skyscraper, Abeno Harukas is one of the most popular tourist’s spots in the city. Opened in 2014 and reaching a respectable 300 m tall, Abeno Harukas is the tallest as a building in Japan. Since its opening, Harukas remains quite popular and it is fair to say that it is now one of Osaka’s most iconic buildings. 

Abeno Harukas in Tennoji Osaka
You really can’t miss it!

Harukas 300

The observation deck, Harukas 300, is on the 58-60 floors of the Kintetsu Abenobashi Station. The word harukas means “to brighten” or “to clear up” in old Japanese.

elevators going up to harukas 300 observation deck in Abeno Harukas
Elevators leading up Abeno Harukas

The entrance of the observation deck is on 16th floor and tickets are also sold there as well.

Abeno Harukas Sky Garden
Abeno Harukas Sky Garden

No matter where you go, Japan is practically saturated with cute characters. The character of Harukas goes by the name Abeno Bear. He lives 300m up off the ground and his favorite food is clouds.

abeno bear eating clouds as cotton candy
Abeno Harukas mascot, Abeno Bear

Tickets for the observation deck are 1,500 yen. But if you think you’d like to leave and come back to see things at night, you might want to consider buying the day pass, which is 1,950 yen.

Entrance to Harukas 300
Entrance to Harukas 300 observation deck at Abeno Harukas

On the 60th floor you to enjoy amazing views of the city from all directions. When it is clear, you can see the whole expanse of Osaka.

View of north Osaka city from abeno Harukas
View of north Osaka City
Can you find Osaka Castle in this picture? It is there!
Osaka dome is so tiny from here, but it still looks like a spacecraft!
It’s hard to believe that Tsutenkaku looks that small from here!

After enjoying the nice scenery, you can go to the souvenir shop on 59th floor or the café on the 58th floor where you can buy tons of stuff, including Abeno Bear themed everything. 

marshmallow topped pudding with chocolates shaped like abeno bear
Abeno pudding
pink strawberry flavored latte with a picture of abeno bear on the cup
Sunset Latte (strawberry flavor)

Optional Tours

Some people enjoy just looking at the city’s skyline, but others want a little more. There are several optional tours in Abeno Harkus, but we joined Helipad Tour. 

Helipad Tour

helipad of abeno harukas
Helipad Tour at Abeno Harukas

The second, but admittedly tamer option, is a helipad tour that take you to the very top of the building. If you want the best possible pictures of Osaka City this is where you will get them.

View from the helipad
Osaka Bay area

Fair warning, you will have to sign a waiver before going up and the tour lasts 30 minutes. Since there is no cover up there, if you are very fair and burn easily be sure to put on sunscreen!

Information: Abeno Harukas


1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture





Getting To

Abeno Harkus is right in front of Tenno-ji Station of JR/Osaka Metro or Abenobashi Station of Kintetsu Line. 

Once you arrive at either Abenobashi/ or Tenno-ji Station, you really can’t miss Harukas, as it is by far the tallest building in that area. The Kintetsu department store and Mariott Hotel are inside the Kintetsu Abenobashi Station.



Mon-Sun: 10:00-20:30



General Admission Adults: 1,500 yen yen

Middle/High School Students: 1,200 yen

Elementary School Students: 700 yen 4 and under: 500 yen

Helipad Tour: 500 yen



Osaka Amazing Pass is not available in Abeno Harkus. 


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