Sakaisuji Club: Private French Dining

It’s hardly a secret that Osaka is the city of good eats. On this blog we normally talk about some of the best places to find Japanese-style food in Osaka. However, there is plenty of variety in the city! Sakaisuji Club, one of the city’s best French-Italian restaurants, is a top-notch fine dining experience. Not to mention, the restaurant is in a turn of the century new-classic building.


The History of Sakaisuji Club

Midosuji Street is the largest and busiest road in Osaka’s city limits, but this wasn’t always the case. Prior to 1918, the Sakaisuji Street was the liveliest street in the city. Many business, shops, and banks were built on Sakaisuji Street. These buildings were, by in large, molded after western style buildings. With long columns, gabled roofs, detailed carvings, and red brick the buildings on Sakaisuji Street embodied both style and class. Even today Sakaisuji Street has a large collection of historic buildings.

1900's Sakaisuji Club building
Sakaisuji Club

One of these beautiful buildings was Kawasaki Bank, a kind of “savings bank” which was bank for people, rather than businesses. Over the years, the building continued to house a number of banks until the last one finally closed in 2000. The bank then became Sakaisuji Club, and the restaurant retains much of the buildings original charming features.


Getting to Sakaisuji Club

The closest station to Sakaisuji Club is Nagahoribashi Station off the Sakaisuji Line. From the station, walk north along Sakaisuji Street for about 10 minutes and keep an eye out for the building.

You could also walk there from the Sakaisuji Honmachi Station. 

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Dining at Sakaisuji Club

Sakaisuji Club in fact has two styles of fare for the guests. Italian cuisine (Ambrosia) is served on the first floor, and French upstairs (L’Histoire).

The downstairs has a slightly more casual atmosphere with tables and booths.

elegant dining room with tables covered in red fabric covered in wine, wine glasses, and flowers
Sakaisuji Club: Ambrosia dining room
sakaisuji club white neo classic building interior with dark wood details
Inside of restaurant

The upstairs French restaurant makes use of the banks old offices and vaults, and are now private rooms for an intimate experience.

black doors of a previous safe room with glass panel to show gears
Private room
candle lit dining room with a large mirror gold clock and bottle on white cabinet
Private dining. You can’t believe it used to be a safe!

Both settings are really relaxing and allow you to enjoy the interesting fixtures and details of the old Kawasaki building.


-Dishes change from time to time, but here is what we order on our last visit-

dish of avocado raw salmon topped dill and yellow caviar
First course
tomato cream pasta with mushrooms in a white dish
Pasta course
green pasta with tomatoes clams and mussels
Second pasta course
char grilled white fish in a light pea sauce and fennel floss
Main course: Fish
rare beef medallions with onion floss and asparagus and gree n sauce on white plate
Main course: Beef medallions
disc of ice cream with sliced strawberries and a chocolate wafer in a glass dish
strawberry and and chocolate “parfait”


three small appetizers on a glass dish on a white table and low light
Appetizer flight
duck in a thin red sauce and some endive on a colorful plate
Main course: Duck in wine
shellfish in white wine butter sauce with garlic and grilled summer vegetables in a black dish
Main course: Abalone in butter and wine
melon flavored dessert in a margarita glass topped with cantaloupe
Dessert course

Sakaisuji Club

Address1 Chome-15-12 Minamisenba, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
〒 542-0081
Hours of OperationMon-Sun
Lunch: 11:30-14:00
Dinner: 17:00-21:00
Price Range(Dinner) 7,000+ yen per person 

Sakaisuji Club offers course meals and a la carte items, but we recommend splurging on a course meal, roughly 7,000 yen a person. Yes, it’s expensive, but it is really worth it. Lunch if of course a little bit cheaper, so that is also an option. The attention to detail and the quality of the food never disappoints.

Coming next time,
Off to Wakayama and Negoro-ji Temple!

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