Osaka’s Retro Cafe: Mazura

In our kissaten series, we’ve been exploring the Osaka’s retro cafes. Kissaten flourished throughout the 1950-1970’s and those that are still around today can feel like walking into a time capsule. One such place, tucked away on the basement floor of Eki Mae building, is Mazura. First opened in 1970, this small cafe hasn’t changed much over the years. Mazura offers some of the cheapest coffee in the city and is very popular among tourists and salarymen alike.

A Secret Retreat, Finding Mazura

Mazura is convenient to get to, but confusing to find. Eki Mae Building is just a short five minute walk from Umeda/Osaka Station, but actually finding Mazura requires a little hunting. The bottom floors of Eki Mae is full of small restaurants, bars, and cafes that target the business/salarymen the work in and around Umeda. These eateries are crowded next to one another and span several floors, so it can feel rather dizzying if you are a first time visitor. Rest assured though that the cafe is on the basement floor of Eki Mae Building 1. It is there, we promise.



entrance of mazura a 70s style cafe with large johnnie walker statue at entrance

Once you step inside the café, you will instantly feel a very 1970’s vibe. The style of the interior is “Retro-future” and was very chic in 1970’s Japan. After the moon landing in 1969, the whole world had space fever. What’s more, during the Osaka World Expo, one of the main exhibits there was a stone from the moon landing.

In an April 2015 interview with Nikkei, the owner of Mazura, Ryu-san, said that Yuri Gagarin’s photo of the Earth served as his inspiration for the cafe. With that image in mind, he aimed to create a very futuristic cafe and specifically painted the ceiling dark and hung lights from the ceiling to mimic the stars in space.

While this design is now more than a little dated, guests in 1970 were surely impressed with how modern this café looked.

70's style cafe with lots of mirrors and blue tones
Table seating

Ryu-san is the original owner of Mazura and still runs the cafe today. Even more impressive is that he is about 100 years old!

cup of black coffee in a white mug and laminated menu in background against wood paneling
250 yen coffee. The only thing cheaper is convenience store/vending machine coffee.

Mazura could very well have the best priced coffee in Umeda. At only 250 yen a cup, you can’t beat this price. The coffee is a little milder than some of the other kissaten we’ve been to, but it was still very relaxing. Also, they serve alcoholic drinks, such as a Johnnie Walker, at night.


A brief word about seating at Mazura. The booths in Mazura are reserved for parties of three or moreIf you are by yourself and sit at four person booth, you must pay 500 yen. Two people at a four person booth is 300, and one person at a three person booth is 300 yen. The cafe also prohibits the use of laptops. 

laminated menu with burgundy boarder in yellow lighting
Just FYI, you might want a table…


AddressOsaka Eki Mae Building BF1, 1 Chome-3-1 Umeda, Kita-ku,
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
〒 530-0001
Hours of OperationMon-Fri: 9:00-21:00

Saturday: 9:00-18:00

Sun: Closed

Price Range250-550 yen

Mazura is a really interesting little cafe, and I never would have thought anyone could find a cup for coffee for this little in the heart of Umeda. This is a fun cafe totally worth checking out!

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