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temple square of Kinpusen-ji

Kinpusen-ji Temple, Yoshino’s Ancient Temple

Mt. Yoshino, located in the center of Nara, is the most famous sakura place in the entire country of Japan....

Portrait of Emperor Go-Daigo

Emperor Go-daigo, Japan’s Charismatic Emperor

In 2019, Japan will celebrate the crowning of its 126th emperor. In Japan’s long line of emperors, one in particular...

Azuma Udon, Osaka’s Oldest Udon Restaurant

Osaka has a strong reputation as a gourmet paradise in Japan, but outside of things like takoyaki, few people really...

Kokawa-dera Temple

On the boarder between Osaka and Wakayama is the Izumi Mountain Chain. Just at the foot of those high mountains,...

Kami Daigo, the Origin of Daigo-ji Temple

Daigo-ji Temple in Kyoto houses some of the most ancient buildings in all of Japan. Located just outside of Kyoto...

Daigo-ji Temple (Shimo-Daigo), Kyoto’s Historic Treasure

Kyoto City will proudly boast its 1,000 plus years of history. True, as it was the capital of Japan for...