Osaka’s Retro Cafe: Jun-Kissa American

Kissaten are an increasingly rare and very unusual breed of cafe that are left over from Japan’s very eclectic Showa Period. Often filled with bold colors, random odds and ends from overseas, and a menu completely personalized to the tastes of the cafe’s master, kissaten were definitely in a class all their own. While the number of kissaten has been on the decline, you can still find them if you know where to look. As a matter of fact, Jun-Kissa American is right in the middle of Dotonbori!

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Osaka’s Retro Kissaten

Jun-Kissa American

Japanese 1950s style coffee shop

Kissa American, store front

Opened in 1946, Junkissa American maintains its distinctive atmosphere of a bygone time. It has even been certified by the city as a living museum.

brushed steel plaque with lettering

Living museum certification

Despite is name, there is very little “American” about American though at times it does seem to be following a quasi-art deco theme.

dimly lit cafe with dessert case and small palm tree

First floor dining area

retro style chandelier and spiral stairs in dim cafe

Chandelier and staircase to second floor.

strange flower shaped light fixtures and other retro style decor

First floor ceiling fixtures

Kissa Americans sleek retro interior

Second floor dining area


The pancakes and coffee at American have been their best selling and most popular items for a number of years and are certainly a must try.

stack of delicious pancakes with iced coffee

American’s pancakes.

soft fluffy looking pancakes

Kissa American’s fluffy pancakes

Without a doubt the rich coffee at American also has maintained a loyal following. You can even get it as coffee jelly!

rich coffee jelly with whipped cream and almond topping and iced coffee and gum syrup

American’s coffee—as jelly!

If neither of these items pique your appetite don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to choose from.

Kissa American dessert case featuring many different cakes and sweets

So many choices!

This kissaten is really convenient to get to because it is right next to Osaka’s hugely popular Dotonbori St. So be sure to check out this piece of the past, all while enjoying a coffee break!

Jun-Kissa American

Address 1-7-4 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan 542-0071
Phone 06-6211-2100
Hours of Operation Open Daily from 9:00-23:00* 
Tuesdays until 22:30
Price Range 500-2,000 yen
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