Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics

On the banks of Osaka’s Nakanoshima sits the Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics. The museum’s private collection has a large variety of pieces from China, Korea, and Japan. They take great pride in the pieces they have amassed and claim to have one of the finest ceramics collection in East Asian.

About Nakanoshima

North of Yodoyabashi Station, is the Nakanoshima district , which literally means “middle island”. Surrounded by the Dojima and Tosabori rivers, Nakanoshima served a very important role during the Edo Period, when it was largely used to house a number of storage buildings for goods from all over Japan. After the Edo Period, these storage buildings were demolished, and government buildings and large museums soon took their place.

The Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka is one of the many museums located in Nakanoshima. The permanent exhibits showcased at the museum is largely from the private collection of the last president of the Ataka Corporation [安宅産業], and predominately consists of oriental porcelain. The Special Exhibition Hall On the other hand, will often showcase unique or rare porcelain collections from other museums around the world. Both exhibits rotate every several months, so be sure to check their website to see what’s new.

The normal entry fee is 800 yen, but this rate will probably change when there is a special exhibit. Unlike other museums that allow you to pick between the permanent and special exhibits, this museum requires you to pay for both. That means that if they are hosting a special exhibit, but you just want to see the permanent one, you will still have to pay the fee for the special exhibit, too. 

Getting to the Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics

The closest station to the is museum is the Keihan Naniwa-Bashi Station, which runs off the Keihan Nakanoshima Line, but I recommend taking the brief 15 minute walk from the Midosuji Yodoyabashi Station so that you can enjoy the many interesting old buildings that are dotted throughout Nakanoshima.

The Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Entrance of the Osaka museum of oriental ceramics
Osaka Oriental Ceramics Museum, Nakanoshima. Statue of Seki Hajime (left) one of the most important mayors in Osaka’s history.

This is a pretty low-key activity, but the museum definitely has some interesting pieces. We went there before going to lunch one afternoon and it was a nice way to spend an hour. You could also couple it with going to the visiting any museums in Nakanoshima or going to Nakanoshima Park, which is especially pretty when their roses are in bloom.

Nakanoshima Rose garden in full bloom
Nakanoshima Rose Garden

The Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Address 1-1-26, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City,
Osaka Prefecture, 〒 530-0005
Hours of Operation Mon-Sun
Admission Fee Adults: 500yen
Students: 300 yen


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