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  • Japanese History Timeline: From Yayoi to Edo

    As our readers know, we love visiting ancient shrines and temples in Japan! Needless to say, our adventures to said shrines and temples means we need to know a good but about Japanese history. However, to be fair most people probably don’t know that much about Japanese history. When was the Heian Period? When was the Asuka Period? Did the Sengoku Period happen before or after Muromachi Period? (Muromachi was first).  So our readers, and anyone really, can keep a clear head about what happened when, here is a concise Japanese history timeline!



    Japanese History Timeline

    Yayoi239 Himiko sends emissaries to visit the Wei court in China.
    Kofun313Emperor Nintoku becomes the 16th emperor.
    4th centuryYamato government appears.
    538Buddhism is introduced to Japan.
    587Soga no Umako kills Mononobe no Moriya
    Asuka593 Prince Shotokubecomes regent
    607Horyuji-Temple is built.
    645The Taika Reforms are created, establishing a central government.
    672Jinshin War
    Nara710The capital moves from Asuka to Heijo-kyo.
    743The Konden Einen Shizai no Ho is created allowing people to permanently own land.
    749Daibutsu is built in Todai-ji Temple.
    753Ganjin arrives in Japan.
    784The capital moves from Heijo-kyo to Nagaoka-kyo.
    Heian794The capital moves from Nagaoka-kyo to Heian-kyo.
    816Kukai founds Koyasan, establishing Shigon Buddhism.
    1016Fujiwara Michinaga becomes regent.
    1053 Byodo-in Temple is built.
    1086Emperor Shirakawa begins the cloister system.
    1124Chuson-ji temple is built.
    1156Hogen Rebellion
    (Bushi gain more power)
    Kamakura1185The Minamoto clan defeats the Taira Clan.
    1192The Minamoto clan creates the Kamakura government.
    1221Jokyu War
    1274Mongolian Invasion I (Bunei War)
    1281Mongolian Invasion II (Koan War).
    1333Kamakura Government was destroyed. Emperor Go-daigo creates a new government.
    Nanbokucho1336Imperial court split in two: Northern Court (Hokucho) and Southern Court (Nancho).
    Muromachi1338Ashikaga Takuji establishes the Muromachi government in Kyoto.
    1392 Ashikaga Yoshimitsu unites The Northern and Southern courts.
    1397Ashikaga Yoshimitsu builds Kinkaku-ji Temple
    Sengoku1467Onin War.
    1489Ashikaga Yoshimasa builds Ginkaku-ji Temple.
    1543Guns are introduced to Japan.
    1549Christianity is introduced to Japan.
    1560Okehazama War.
    Azuchi-Momoyama1568Oda Nobunaga conquers Kyoto.
    1570Ishiyama Honganji War
    1573Oda Nobunga destroys the Muromachi government.
    1582Honno-ji Incident (Oda Nobunaga dies).
    1585Toyotomi Hideyoshi builds Osaka Castle
    1590Toyotomi Hideyoshi creates a new government.
    1600Sekigahara War.
    Edo1603Tokugawa Ieyasu establishes the Edo government
    1614Siege of Osaka (Winter Campaign)
    1615Siege of Osaka (Summer Campaign)
    1641Japan enters its “closed country” period.
    1716 Tokugawa Yoshimune becomes the 8th Shogun.
    1837Oshio Heihachiro War.
    1853Perry arrives in Japan. Closed country period ends.
    1854Kanagawa Treaty.
    1867Edo government ends and the Meiji Period begins.

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