main keep of hikone castle with plum blossoms blooming in front of it

Hikone Castle, A Japanese National Treasure

While there are many castles in Japan, only 5 of them are national treasures. In Kansai, Himeji castle is of...

Entrance of Anao-ji Temple

Anao-ji Temple, Temple of the Sleeping Buddha

Just a short 20 minute train ride from Kyoto, crossing Arasiyama and the Hozu valley, you will reach Kameoka. In...

a ticket of the current 18 kippu

18 Kippu; Five Trips Anywhere in Japan!

Just about every tourist in Japan knows about the ever popular JR Pass. This fantastic ticket is arguably the best...

wisteria of Fujii-dera temple in Fujii Osaka

Fujii-dera and the Goddess with 1,000 Arms

One of the great things about Japan is that you can almost always find remarkable things in the most unexpected...

temple stamp that shows the nengo "Heisei"

The Nengo System, Reading the Japanese Calendar

When you come to Japan and go to register the city office, or with a number of services, you will...

view of himeji castle

Himeji Castle, the White Heron Castle

Along with Horyu-ji Temple in Nara, Himeji Castle [姫路城] was one of the first Japanese World Heritage sites. Though this...

famous hondo of Sanjusangen-do

Sanjusangen-do Temple, The 1000 Buddha of Kyoto

For most Japanese people, Kyoto is famous for its Zen gardens, and Nara is famous for its ancient Buddhist statues....

main prayer hall of Imakumano Kannon-ji with red pagoda on a hill in background

Imakumano Kannon-ji, the temple that cures headaches

Right next to Sennnyu-ji temple, is the much smaller Imakumano Kannon-ji [今熊野観音寺]. Despite its mediocre size, this temple is actually...

Sennyu-ji Temple, Kyoto’s Imperial Graveyard

South Kyoto City is noticeably less popular than the Higashiyama District, where you can find Inari Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple....

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