The Heart of Ise Grand Shrine: Naiku

Ise Jingu, or Ise Grand Shrine, is one of the most important shrines in Japan. Composed of roughly 125 small shrines throughout the Ise region, one in particular stands out among them; the Naiku. The Naiku houses the soul of

Ise Jingu: Exploring the Geku

For centuries, going to Ise Jingu was the highlight of a commoner’s life. While going to Ise Jingu may not be the once in a lifetime event for Japanese people it once was, it is still important. Ise Jingu is

5 Things To Know Before Visiting Ise Jingu

When people plan coming to Japan immediately large sprawling cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and our dear Osaka come to mind. However, tourists long to experience “ancient” Japan as well. Unfortunately, outside of Kyoto few people know what has cultural or

Kitano Tenmangu: Momiji Garden

Kyoto is very famous for its autumn leaves, namely the Japanese maple or, momiji [紅葉]. In Japanese, the colors of the fall leaves is called koyo [紅葉] and coincidentally the kanji for momiji and koyo are the same! There are so

Osaka’s Winter Illuminations : 2017

It is more or less common knowledge that Japan has a number of practices at Christmas time that can seem a bit unusual: Christmas KFC, Christmas boots, not to mention that Christmas is peak dating season much in the same