Osaka’s Retro Cafe, Arabiya Coffee

There are many trendy cafés near Namba Station such as Starbucks, Dotour, Tully’s, Saint Marc’s and so on. After a while though, these kinds of cafés can feel a bit repetitive in their design, not to mentioned crowded. In contrast

The Taika Reforms: Creating Japan’s Government

Creating Japan’s central government was no easy task. For years prior, political scheming and assassinations haunted Japan. The key to forming Japan’s government were the Taika Reforms. Previously, we talked about the role Prince Shotoku played in Japan’s ancient politics,

Striking and Colorful! Nakayama-dera Temple

Just 20 minutes from Osaka City is Nakayama-dera Temple. Located in Takurazuka, Nakayama-dera is a huge, historic temple and is part of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. Popular as a temple for safe birth, Nakayama-dera is also a very popular place

An Osaka Family Favorite! Tennoji Zoo

One of Osaka’s favorite attractions, especially for families, is Tennoji Zoo [天王寺動物園]. Opened in 1915 it is the 3rd oldest zoo in Japan, Tennoji Zoo currently houses 200 kinds of animal on 27 acres of land. This is the 2nd