Kashiwara Grape Picking in Osaka, A Local’s Day-Trip

Roughly 15 minutes from Osaka City, on the border of Osaka and Nara is Kashiwara City. This small city flies under the radar non-native Osaka residents, but locals know this city has a hidden secret: grapes. Up on the mountainside of the city are rows of perfectly sweet grapes bursting with flavor. Every year from August-October visitors can come to the Kashiwara grape picking and try these fantastic grapes for themselves.

Kashiwara’s Grapes

You might wonder why there is a huge vineyard in Osaka. Around the end of 19th century, people started to grow grapes here. At that time, grapes were quite expensive for most Japanese people, so the government set out to encourage people to farm. So, the people of Kashiwara stated to grow grapes and as it just so happened that the climate in this area was perfect for grapes. It didn’t take long before Kashiwara’s grapes to become quite popular. Eventually they began to produce wine, which gained popularity as well.

vineyards for Kashiwara grape picking

However, typhoons are a common occurrence around here and the vineyards would often lose their crop. As a result the number of vineyards shrunk over the years. Today one large vineyards still exist in Kashiwara City and is the oldest winery in West Japan: Katashimo Winery.

King Selby by Katashimo Winery

Kashiwara Grape Picking

Grape picking is only 1,100 yen and if you want to pick the bigger sized grapes, it is 1,700 yen. This includes free rental of bucket, scissors, and a tarp to use sit on and enjoy your bounty. Keep in mind that Japanese u-picks expect people to eat what they pick on site. If you want to bring some grapes home with you, you will have to pay extra.

vineyards for kashiwara grape picking

So many grapes!!

More Grapes!!

Berry A, most common grapes used for wine.
Koshu Budo, a kind of grape most common in Japan.

They have white grapes, called Masukatto, too! It tastes really sweet.

We wanted to eat 10 bunches or so, but if you eat just 3 or 4 you will feel quite content. Still, this is a deal given that one bunch of grape is 5-6 dollars in Japan.

Kashiwara Vineyard and Grape Picking


Ogata 4-17-9, Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture


The vineyards are a bit far from the station, but don’t worry! The Kashiwara City Grape Sightseeing Center provides free shuttle service at both in Ando Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line) or the Kashiwara Station (JR Yamatoji Line). Just talk to the person of the Grape Sightseeing Center in either station, then they will take you the vineyard.


The Kashiwara City Grape Sightseeing Center hosts grape pickings seasonally from August to October.

9:00~13:00 (15:00 on Weekends)


1100 yen (adult)


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