Enmeiji Temple, Osaka’s Autumn Hidden Gem

Out of the way of the bustle of Osaka City is the Okukawachi region. In this quiet and beautiful place, lies Enmeiji Temple [延命寺]. Though just a short to minutes from Namba, Osaka natives know that Enmeiji is one of the best places to go for an autumn sojourn. Perhaps best of all, even during peak season, the temple is rarely crowded.

Temple Grounds

Enmeiji Temple, which is located in the bottom of a quaint ravine. During autumn, all the Japanese maple become a glow with hues of red, yellow and orange. Since it is not a big temple at all, you can see the temple in ten minutes or so.

entrance of Enmeiji Temple in Higashi Osaka
Even the gate is so pretty!

According to temple records, Kukai created this temple to enshrine Jizo Bosatsu, but oddly there is no Jizo Bosatsu on the temple grounds today. Currently, the main deity of Enmeiji Temple is Nyoirin Kannon.

Bishamon-do on the grounds of Enmei-ji Temple in Osaka
Enmeiji Temple: temple grounds. Bishamon-do in back.
main temple building of Enmeiji Temple in Higashi Osaka
Hondo: enshrines Nyoirin Kannon.
Enmei-ji Temple

Yuubae Momiji

The most famous thing here is the Yuubae Momiji [夕照もみじ]. Allegedly planted by Kukai himself, the Yuubae Momiji is a Japanese maple that is some 800 to 1,000 years old. The tree’s name is made up of the characters for evening [夕] and shine [照] and as its name suggests, this tree is especially beautiful at sunset.

the famous 1,00 year old yuubae momiji tree of Enmeiji temple in Osaka
Yuubae Momiji

Some years ago, a typhoon split the tree in half, but somehow the main root system managed to survive. Today, the tree is still alive and well, but now it is growing in two different directions.

Yuubae Momiji in Enmeiji Temple
You can clearly tell this is really old tree.

Oku-kawachi Momoji Park

Just next Enmeiji, there is a free park, Oku-kawachi Momiji Park. It has a really nice fall foliage, and the best thing is significantly less people.

it is really pretty here!
So red all over.

Grave of Jogon. who expanded Enmeiji Temple during the Edo Period.
momiji forest in Emmeiji Temple
pond in Emmeiji Temple

Information: Enmeiji Temple


Kamigaoka 492, Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture





Getting To

The closest station to Enmeiji Temple is Mikanodai Station, which is off the Nankai Koya Line.  Then, take either the #40 or #41  bus from Mikanodai Station and get off at the Kamigaoka bus stop. After that it is just a short 10 minute and you are there!






Temple: Free




Many people visit Kanshinji Temple after going to Enmeiji. The hiking trail that connects both temples also makes it very convenient to visit both. Kanshinji Temple is the most popular temple in Okukawachi region, make sure to visit Kanshinji too!