5 Things To Know Before Visiting Ise Jingu

When people plan coming to Japan immediately large sprawling cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and our dear Osaka come to mind. However, tourists long to experience “ancient” Japan as well. Unfortunately, outside of Kyoto few people know what has cultural or

Things to do in Matsue

If you have been following us along on our adventures throughout the Izumo region, you will have seen the instruction “From Mastue Stn.,” more than a few times. Matsue, after all, is the capital of the Shimane Prefecture and easily

Tamatsukuri Onsen and Yunokawa Onsen

During our stay in the Izumo region, we opted out of staying in the more typical Western hotels and had the pleasure of staying to two different areas that were each famous for their natural onsen. We picked two particuarly