Koshu, Local Shiga Food near Ishiyama-dera

Near Ishiyama-dera Temple are many restaurants, but one of the more unique restaurants, and our personal recommendation, is Koshu. Running for roughly 50 years now, this restaurant serves various kinds of local Shiga specialty foods. These local dishes make the

Akashiyaki, the Predecessor of Takoyaki

Everybody seems to agree: Osaka is the place for takoyaki. Sources indicate that the origin of this very popular snack is akashiyaki. A local favorite of the city if Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture, akashiyaki features the city’s specialty, octopus.  

Shimogamo Shrine

A ways down Kamo Street from Kamigamo Shine, is its sister shrine, Shimogamo Shrine. Just like Kamigamo Shrine, Shimogamo Shrine is also a world heritage site, is one of very popular among tourist and Kyoto natives alike. Read here for

Yoshino Sushi, Experts in Osaka-style Sushi

Sushi is hands-down the most recognizable Japanese dish in the world. For many visitors of Japan, experience authentic Japanese sushi usually sit at the top of their “must-do” lists. What they might not know however, is that Osaka has a

Okoshi, Osaka’s Traditional Confectionery

Japan’s omiyage culture goes way back. Since practically forever, Japanese people have felt the need to bring back all sorts of goodies from their journeys. Today, places like Osaka offer also sorts of snacks, ranging from takoyaki-like snacks and cookies,