Yoshimizu Shrine

While Kinpusen-ji is the most popular temple in Yoshino, Yoshimizu Shrine [𠮷水神社]is the most popular shrine. Near Kinpusen-ji, Yoshimizu Shrine may not be a very big shrine, but it is worth visiting! In particular, the shrine museum has tons of

Nyoirin-ji Temple and the Grave of Go-daigo

For many who visit Yoshino, the main attractions are, apart from the thousands of cherry blossoms in the spring, are Kinpusen-ji and Yoshimizu Shrine. Sadly, another historically significant site at Yoshino is left unfrequented by many: Nyoirin-ji Temple [如意輪寺]. The

Kokawa-dera Temple

On the boarder between Osaka and Wakayama is the Izumi Mountain Chain. Just at the foot of those high mountains is Kokawa-dera Temple, one of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. Together with Negoro-ji Temple and Kimii-dera, it is one of the