Tamatsukuri Onsen and Yunokawa Onsen

During our stay in the Izumo region, we opted out of staying in the more typical Western hotels and had the pleasure of staying to two different areas that were each famous for their natural onsen. We picked two particuarly

Yaegaki Jinja: A Shrine for True Love

While many people visit Izumo Taisha to find their true love, there is another famous love shrine in Shimane. Yaegaki Jinja is just outside of Matsue and is the place where the Kojiki says the first marriage in Japan ever

Izumo Taisha: Must See Spots

It is very easy to spend a couple hours in Izumo Taisha. Aside from the main shrine, there are plenty of interesting and important small shrines and buildings throughout the shrine grounds. It would take far too long for us to