Nyoirin-ji Temple and the Grave of Go-daigo

For many who visit Yoshino, the main attractions are, apart from the thousands of cherry blossoms in the spring, are Kinpusen-ji and Yoshimizu Shrine. Sadly, another historically significant site at Yoshino is left unfrequented by many: Nyoirin-ji Temple [如意輪寺]. The

Totsukawa Village, Japan’s Biggest Village

The sense of timelessness is something lots of people seem to search for when they come to Japan. Apart from shrines and temples, another popular “timeless” destination in Japan are villages. While many people might assume that all villages in

Isonokami Shrine, the Shrine of Swords

Many people visit Kyoto in search of Japanese history. Indeed, Kyoto historic and beautiful, but Nara rivals Kyoto in many way. Since Japan’s very first government was made in Nara, there are plenty of Japanese history in Nara that predates

Toshodai-ji, the Resting Place of Ganjin

Comfortably sitting just outside of Nara City is Toshodai-ji Temple. This humble temple is the resting place of Ganjin, one of the most prominent monks of Esoteric Buddhism. Specifically to the Japanese, Ganjin was extremely important to establishing and legalizing