Hirotaya, Traditional Japanese Food at Sumiyoshi

Sumiyoshi Taisha is the biggest and most important shrine in Osaka. You’d think such a big tourist attraction would have plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. Surprisingly, the area around Sumiyoshi Taisha has almost no restaurants…except Hirotaya. For more than

Yoshino Sushi, Experts in Osaka-style Sushi

Sushi is hands-down the most recognizable Japanese dish in the world. For many visitors of Japan, experience authentic Japanese sushi usually sit at the top of their “must-do” lists. What they might not know however, is that Osaka has a

Mior Cafe’s Towering Cake Parfaits

After a full day of trekking through the city, we often take refuge in a number of different cafes or coffee shops. Some days, however, we feel we deserve an especially decedent treat. Originating in Kobe and with multiple cafes

Okoshi, Osaka’s Traditional Confectionery

Japan’s omiyage culture goes way back. Since practically forever, Japanese people have felt the need to bring back all sorts of goodies from their journeys. Today, places like Osaka offer also sorts of snacks, ranging from takoyaki-like snacks and cookies,