Akashiyaki, the Predecessor of Takoyaki

Everybody seems to agree: Osaka is the place for takoyaki. Sources indicate that the origin of this very popular snack is akashiyaki. A local favorite of the city if Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture, akashiyaki features the city’s specialty, octopus.  

Dagashi: All About Japanese Kids’ Snacks

The snack aisle is in a  Japanese supermarket can leave first time visitors gob smacked.  From sweet to savory, Japanese snacks come in an extremely wide variety of flavors. Apart from the more conventional items like potato chips and rice

Gokan, Osaka’s World Class Cake Shop!

One of the biggest differences between Japan and America is small but rather surprising; cake. Even in tiny residential areas, there are often patisseries that offer an array of cakes and sweets. In larger city areas, patisseries are in fierce