Kishiwada Castle and the Danjiri Museum

Osaka Prefecture was once home to a great many castles. Sadly, many of those castles fell long ago, leaving only commemorative markers behind. Currently, there are only three castles in Osaka Pref. Osaka Castle, Ikeda Castle, and Kishiwada Castle. Kishiwada

Osaka’s Winter Illuminations : 2017

It is more or less common knowledge that Japan has a number of practices at Christmas time that can seem a bit unusual: Christmas KFC, Christmas boots, not to mention that Christmas is peak dating season much in the same

Osaka’s Danjiri Festivals: Beyond Kishiwada

One of the most iconic festival in Osaka’s Senshu Region are definitely danjiri festivals. The danjiri festival in Kishiwada held in mid-September is very famous, draws as many as 500,000 visitors to Kishiwada. People come from all over to see

Summer Fun at Sakai’s Big Fish Festival

Once Sumiyoshi Festival concludes on July 31st another festival begins in Sakai; the Sakai Oouo Yoichi Festival [堺大魚夜市], literally meaning Sakai Big Fish Night Festival. Sakai’s Big Fish Festival is well-known amongst the people in Osaka, especially those from the

Osaka’s Amazing Sumiyoshi Matsuri

Osaka’s three big summer festivals are Aizen Matsuri, Tenjin Matsuri and Sumiyoshi Matsuri. Beginning with Aizen Matsuri and reaching a climax during Tenjin Matsuri, everything rounds out with Sumiyoshi Matsuri, which takes place in Sumiyoshi Taisha. This ancient festival has