Nijo Castle, Tokugawa’s Castle

When it comes to the most popular tourist spot in Kyoto, Nijo Castle usually gets somewhere near the top of the list. Not only is the castle located at the very center of Kyoto City and is very easy to

Kishiwada Castle and the Danjiri Museum

Osaka Prefecture was once home to a great many castles. Sadly, many of those castles fell long ago, leaving only commemorative markers behind. Currently, there are only three castles in Osaka Pref. Osaka Castle, Ikeda Castle, and Kishiwada Castle. Kishiwada

Osaka Castle Park:4 things you should see!

Osaka Castle’s main tower is the indisputable main attraction Osaka Castle, especially for first time visitors. But there are plenty of other things you should be on the look for during your visit. From the gardens and flowers groves dotted

A Local’s Guide to Osaka Castle

Now that we have covered the basic history of Osaka Castle, we are ready to start talking about the castle and the three rings of the castle grounds. We wouldn’t want you to miss anything, so we are going to give

A Brief History of Osaka Castle

While Osaka is home to many castles, one castle in particular is especially dear to the Osaka people, and that is Osaka Castle itself. Located in the very heart of Osaka City, the castle  welcomes people from all over the