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Osaka's Retro Cafe, Arabiya Coffee | Kansai Odyssey

Osaka’s Retro Cafe, Arabiya Coffee

There are many trendy cafés near Namba Station such as Starbucks, Dotour, Tully’s, Saint Marc’s and so on. After a while though, these kinds of cafés can feel a bit repetitive in their design, not to mentioned crowded. In contrast of these modern grab’n go places, is Arabiya Coffee. A popular local hangout, this little kissaten is just out of sight of the tall buildings and departments stores in Namba. For the past 60 years, Arabiya Coffee has earned a reputation for their high quality, smooth pour over. 


The History of Arabiya Coffee

Arabiya coffee opened in 1951, during a time when kissaten were all the rage. At this time, other kissaten like Marufuku Coffee made names by serving thick, rich coffee. On the other hand, Arabiya choose to stand out by instead offering a smooth and flagrant blend as its signature pour.


This is part of our Kissaten series! Be sure to check out our master list for even more kissaten in Osaka.

Getting to Arabiya Coffee

To get to Arabiya Coffee, walk north along Ebisubashi Shopping Street from Namba Station. Arabiya is right in front of Hozen-ji Temple.

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The shop is fairly small and easily blends in with the other restaurants and cafés on Hozen-ji Dori, but it is not hard to find as long as you keep your eyes opened.

Entrance of Arabiya coffee in Osaka Japan
Arabiya Coffee

Arabiya Coffee

Despite being located in the very center of the city, the atmosphere inside the café still manages to be very warm and cozy. 

bar style seating at arabiya coffee
Arabiya coffee car

It seems that the the original owner of Arabiya particularly liked to ski and modeled the interior after a mountain lodge. You also might notice that There are a lot of baseballs throughout the café. According to their website, the wife of Arabiya’s first master was part of the Osaka Diamonds, Osaka’s first women’s professional baseball team.


There are only a few seats on the first floor, but there is also a second floor where you might be able to find a few more seats.

an iced coffee with a side of clear syrup and and a cafe latte with lots of foam at arabiya coffee
Iced coffee and cafe latte

Perhaps something that is different from other cafés, and even other kissaten, is that Arabiya is pretty quiet. They do not play any music, making it easier to unwind and enjoy a nice conversation.


Arabiya “Sand” 

four wedges of and egg omelet and ham sandwich at arabiya coffee
Arabiya Sand, egg sandwich. 620 yen.

Arabiya Sand (sand=sandwich) is very typical kissaten style egg sandwich. These sandwiches have a rolled omelet with ham and ketchup.

French Toast

large cube of arabiya french toast covered in maple syrup
Arabiya french toast. 520 yen. Comes with maple syrup or powdered sugar.

Their French toast is also very popular. The french toast is not overly sweet and most importantly, goes especially well with a cup of coffee.

Arabiya Coffee

Address1-6-7 Namba, Chuo, Osaka,
Osaka Prefecture 〒542-0076
WebsiteCafe: http://www.arabiyacoffee.com/
Hours of OperationSun-Thurs
Price Range450-620 yen

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