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Currently, Osaka is facing a critical point in the Covid-19 pandemic, as a fourth wave spreads across the entire prefecture. With hospitals at capacity, the prefecture has issued a strong shelter-in-place mandate and asked people to refrain from traveling within and outside the prefecture, beginning April 8th. As residents of Osaka, we take any and all shelter-in-place orders very seriously and are complying with the new stay-home mandate, as well. We will still publish new posts a few times a month, but all the places in our posts were visited either before Covid-19 or at a time when there was no shelter-in-place mandate.

Please stay safe, everyone. We know it is hard being cooped up, but all of us must do our part to prevent further spreading the virus
Kansai Odyssey




いつもKansai Odysseyをご愛読いただき誠にありがとうございます。現在、大阪はコロナ禍において大変な局面を迎えており、第4波へと突入いたしました。医療崩壊が懸念され、不要不急の外出並びに他府県への往来の自粛が強く求められています。我々は府民の責務として、これまでもそしてこれからも自粛要請に従うつもりです。そのため、現在発表中の記事の多くは2019-2020に訪問した場所であり、2021年に関しては外出自粛期間外に訪問したものです。中には規模が大きく縮小され、現在の状態とは大きく異なる記事があることをご了承ください。


Kansai Odyssey

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