Osaka’s Hidden Autumn Beauty, Hoshi no Buranko

There are many nice spots throughout in Osaka where you can enjoy the koyo, or autumn colors. One such place is Hoshi no Buranko [星のブランコ] in Hoshida Prefectural Park. Hoshi no Buranko is a long suspension bridge that connects two small mountains. The observation deck near the top of one mountain offers a breath-taking 360 panorama view of nearby Osaka, Kyoto, as well as the brilliantly colored leaves. Hoshi no Buranko is one of the best hidden koyo places in Osaka and attracts many couples and families every year. We think it is especially nice because there are significantly fewer people than other places like say Kyoto, and best of all, it’s free.

Notes: Although Hoshi no Buranko is located on a mountain, the trail is well maintained, so you won’t need any heavy gear.

Hoshida Park

Once you exit Kisaichi Station, head towards National Route 168 and then turn left and walk along route 168. Getting to Route 168 is rather straightforward and there will probably be other people walking to Hoshi no Buranko during koyo season, so you shouldn’t get lost.

After you cross the bridge you will be on the Kawazoi no Michi Trail that will lead you to the park. From here, its only 20 minutes to Hoshida Park.

cross walk leading to hoshida park with autumn leaves

Ama no Gawa [天の川] literally means “Milky Way”. Actually, Katano City claims to be the origin of the Tanabata legend and there are many Tanabata related places throughout the city.

small river with bamboo trees and autumn leaves
Ama no Gawa

The Kawazoi no Michi Trail is also very pretty! 

Muddy forest trail and bright red autumn tree on the right
Almost to Hoshida Park

Hypothetically, you could drive to Hoshida Park. The park does have a parking lot (200 yen per hour), but it fills up really fast during koyo season, so I strongly recommend to come here by train.

wooden entrance sign for a Japanese prefecture park
Park entrance

Hoshida Park has a rock wall! But sadly, you can’t just show up and climb it. You have to attend a one-day safety lecture to climb the rock wallwhich is held several times throughout the year. The fee to climb the rock wall is 700 yen. 

Tall rock wall against granite stone
Hoshida Park’s rock wall

Once you see the rock wall, Hoshi no Buranko is just a short hike away. There are several paths you can take to get to the bridge; some paths are step stairs and some of them are long but not steep. Whatever you choose, it should take only 20 minutes or so to get to the bridge.

mountains covered in autumn foilage
Koyo at Hoshida Park

Hoshi no Buranko

Hoshi no Blanco bridge surrounded by autumn leaves
Though it looks quite long it is only the 7th longest in Japan!

The bridge is 280m long and 50m high!

people walking across a suspension bridge surrounded by autumn leaves
Hoshi no Buranko

Go a little bit further and you can go to the observation deck. From the observation deck, you can not only take a picture of beautiful koyo but you will also get to see an amazing panoramic view of Kyoto and Osaka.

Hoshi no Blanco and autumn leaves on a clear day
View from observation deck
scenic view of Osaka and Kyoto from observation deck in Hoshida Park
Panoram from observation deck.

Need More?

If you feel like going on an even bigger adventure (or just have a lot of energy) Hoshida Park connects to other prefecture parks such as Kurondo Park and Muroike Park. A 40km trail connects these parks, which subsequently leads to the Ikoma Juusou Hodo, Diamond Trail, and then the Kinki Shizen Hodo Trail. These trails total 300km in length, going as far as Horigo Park in the Sennan City, which is near the southeastern most point of Osaka Prefecture.

Information: Hoshi no Buranko at Hoshida Park


5019-1 Hoshida, Katano City, Osaka

Getting to

Walk 30 minutes from Kisaichi Station [私市駅] off the Keihan Katano Line.

Opening Hours

9:30~4:30. Closed on Tuesday (It opens everyday in April, May, ,October, November)

Entrance Fee



There are no convenience stores near the park or even near Kisaichi station. Be sure to stock up on drinks and snacks before you come!

6 thoughts on “Osaka’s Hidden Autumn Beauty, Hoshi no Buranko

  • December 21, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Aomori and Hokkaido are also wonderful spots for Momojigari time 😀

  • November 13, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Hi there, do you think the walk from Kisaichi station to Hoshida Park and the suspension bridge is bearable for old people? We are planning a trip there on 1st Dec bringing family of young children and our parents, so just wondering if there are too many steps on the trail or just flat ground?

    • November 13, 2018 at 6:52 pm

      Hey there, thanks for stopping by.
      The walk from the station to Hoshida Park is not terribly long, but it is over wooden terrain and not completely flat. It is not at all hard in my opinion and once you get to Hoshida Park the trail up the mountain is very easy. The incline up the mountain is pretty gentle and parts of the trail are even paved. I would say that if you parents are 65 or under, in good health and have good mobility it should be alright. If they feel like they need a break I think I remember benches near the river and once in the park I think there were benches near the rock wall. The suspension bridge is completely safe. Hope this helps and that you have a great time!

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  • May 28, 2019 at 6:28 am

    Hello, may I check when were the photos taken for the Hoshida Park? The photos look amazing. We are planning to go there this year in Nov. Want to make sure that we are there at the right time to catch the autumn foilage 🙂


    • May 28, 2019 at 9:15 pm

      Hey Shawn,
      November is a good time, just make sure it’s late Nov to early Dec. I’d say if you go before Nov 20th you might be too early. For reference, our photos date Dec 5th.

      Have an amazing adventure!


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