Dining in Ganko’s Edo-Style Mansion

One of the most coveted experiences of coming to Japan, is being able, not only to dine on truly authentic Japanese food, but to do so in a classic Japanese atmosphere.  Unfortunately, many Japanese restaurants that offer dinning in traditional Japanese style rooms serve kaiseki, or course meals. Kaiseki restaurants can be very expensive, with the less expensive restaurants easily charging roughly 10,000 yen per person. However, travelers rejoice! Local washoku chain Ganko has a special build where diners can relax in an Edo Period Mansion! Best of all, it’s ten minutes from Tennoji Station.

Getting to Ganko

To get to the restaurant, get the JR Kansai Line, also known as the Yamatoji Line, get off at Kami Sta. and walk five minutes south once you exit the station.


Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki

 As you can see, the building is very big. The wealthy Tsujimoto clan, built the mansion back in the early Edo Period.  

Ganko, Hirano, Osaka

You can wait here when the restaurant is full. Even the waiting room looks very old…

Waiting room.

There is also a free museum you can kill some time in if the restaurant is ever full and you have to wait. We think this used to be a storage house, but now displays household items owned by the Tsujimoto’s clan.

Tsujimoto household artifacts museum.

Once you enter the restaurant, it becomes quite clear how big and luxurious this house used to be.

In a lot of Japanese traditional restaurants you will be served in your own private room, but it seems you need to make reservations for such rooms here.


After you finish the meal, you can walk in the Japanese garden outside the restaurant.

Follow this little path that is just outside the restaurant and right next to the museum.

This Japanese garden was designed by the same person who created the Japanese garden at the Bampaku Commemorate Park. (Be warned—lots of bugs in the summer)

Dinner at Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki

Meals can be very expensive, but many of the options here are around 3,000 yen. Very affordable! There are also some kaiseki options available. Obviously they cost more than 3,000 yen, but they are still pretty affordable considering…

Not at all a bad spread and decent quality too. 

This is probably the most unique, and certainly the prettiest Ganko in Osaka City. The restaurant also gives you a heightened sense of sophistication, without giving you a huge bill at the end.






Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki

Address1-3-19 Kamikuratsukuri, Hirano Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 〒547-0004
WebsiteGanko Hiranogo Yakshiki
Hours of OperationLunch: 11:30-15:30

Dinner: 17:00-22:00
Price Range2,000-8,000 yen

I think this place is real hidden gem. Not only do you get to have a nice meal for not to much, but you get to see a classic Japanese mansion and even walk around. It is so close to the city center too, so I strongly recommend checking it out!Coming next time,
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