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A Message From Lina and Shigeharu

In my experience, coming to Japan is the fruit of many years of hard work—usually a combination of a lot of saving and dedication to studying the Japanese language. I hope this blog can provide everyone with information that I certainly did not have my first time coming to Japan. I have always been passionate about Japanese culture and history and am excited to be able to share it. We take great care to make sure we give accurate and well researched information about all the great things you can find in Osaka and the Kansai region. I also hope that our articles will help you be able to write your own odyssey in Japan and invigorate you to explore this special country.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

When I was a boy, I always thought there was nothing special in Osaka and always dreamed of going to Tokyo. However, after I went to Tokyo for university, I realized how unique Osaka is and how different Kansai is from Kanto (i.e. East Japan).
On this website, I want to share information known only by Osaka’s locals with our readers. I truly hope this information will not only help the many visitors to Osaka from all over the world, but also people who, for however long, have decided to make Osaka their home.

Welcome to Osaka, and I appreciate for your visit today.



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