main building of Iwama-dera temple

Iwama-dera Temple, the Temple of the Sweating Statue

On the border between Otsu and Uji, there is as quaint temple, Shoho-ji[正法寺], better known as Iwama-dera [岩間寺]. While one...

Koshu, Local Shiga Food near Ishiyama-dera

Near Ishiyama-dera Temple are many restaurants, but one of the more unique restaurants, and our personal recommendation, is Koshu. Running...

Ishiyama-dera Temple: Shiga’s Most Beautiful Temple

Lake Biwa is the gem of Shiga Prefecture. Scores of tourist come there throughout the year to enjoy fishing, boating,...

main shrine building of Ishikiri Shrine

Ishikiri Tsurugiya Shrine, Cures Everything from Boils to Cancer?

There are hundreds of gods in Japan, with shrines dedicated to an even wider array of things. From rice, to...

Kashiwara Grape Picking in Osaka, A Local’s Day-Trip

Roughly 15 minutes from Osaka City, on the border of Osaka and Nara is Kashiwara City. This small city flies...


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