Imashirozuka Kofun: Historic Site and Family Park

There are many key shaped burial mounds, or Zenpokoen-Fun, in Kansai region, especially Nara and Osaka. However, the public is...

Entrance of Engyo-ji Temple

Engyo-ji Temple, Himeji’s Best Kept Secret

When people think of the city of Himeji, their first thought is of course Himeji Castle. However, Himeji definitely has...

Akashiyaki, the Predecessor of Takoyaki

Akashiyaki, the Predecessor of Takoyaki

Everybody seems to agree: Osaka is the place for takoyaki. Sources indicate that the origin of this very popular snack...

people using the mizugumo ninja

Koka Ninja Village, Ninja Experience for a Day

Koka is one of the most popular ninja places in Japan, so it stands to reason that there’d be a...

Entrance of kokoa ninja house

Koka Ninja House, Japan’s Only Historic Ninja House!

A good number of visitors to Japan are very interested in ninja and may even hope to do some ninja...


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