main building of taga taisha in Shiga

Taga Taisha, Shiga’s Home to Izanagi

Kyoto certainly wears the crown for most well-known historic spot in Japan, but we shouldn’t forget about nearby Shiga Prefecture,...

main keep of hikone castle with plum blossoms blooming in front of it

Hikone Castle, A Japanese National Treasure

While there are many castles in Japan, only 5 of them are national treasures. In Kansai, Himeji castle is of...

Entrance of Anao-ji Temple

Anao-ji Temple, Temple of the Sleeping Buddha

Just a short 20 minute train ride from Kyoto, crossing Arasiyama and the Hozu valley, you will reach Kameoka. In...

a ticket of the current 18 kippu

18 Kippu; Five Trips Anywhere in Japan!

Just about every tourist in Japan knows about the ever popular JR Pass. This fantastic ticket is arguably the best...

wisteria of Fujii-dera temple in Fujii Osaka

Fujii-dera and the Goddess with 1,000 Arms

One of the great things about Japan is that you can almost always find remarkable things in the most unexpected...


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